14,000 smith commission submissions


So the Smith commission has received over 14,000 public submissions.

So I’m doing a  wee human resources maths.

I’m going to be contentious and say the the work would need to be done with enough time for the commission to deliberate on there contents. Assuming a 5 day week October has 25 work days. So let’s say the work needs completed in 10 days. To allow the commission 15 days to operate with benefit of these submissions.

Assuming each submission would take 30 minuets to read and log on some form of computer system.
(I’m being charitable I think in a 30 minuet average presses.)
And assuming an 8hr day that means:

14,000 ÷ 10 days = 4000 submissions processed every day. 

4000 submissions per day ÷ 16 half hours to process  = 250 staff required to presses the task in 10 days.

Maybe the commission will reply to my previous request for information on the Human Resources they have arranged for the task of processing the submissions. But I’d be surprised if they do share  that information. 


One thought on “14,000 smith commission submissions

  1. They’ll probably reassign staff from other sections of government. 14,000 submissions is chicken feed for council or government mail departments. They’ll scan the paper submissions and make a record.
    Who’ll read them and make sense of them after that, is an entirely different matter.


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