Times up for Smith Submissions


Cherish the knowledge that your voice grows in stature as you find the courage to use it.

So 5pm passed and submission will no longer be received by the Smith commission.

I spent a few hours today in Edinburgh Morison Street talking to people on the street and in shops asking them if they had considered submitting something to the commission. Some did some did not .

Evans Cycles disappointed me as the staff member I spoke didn’t want other staff member to be distracted by Politics. Hmm :

join the dots up Evans Cycles cycling is a political act.

Maybe I’ll go in with a Sustrans letter petitioning for more cycle infrastructure and see if he minds his fellow workers engaging in politics.

However other than that most shop staff all allowed the conversation to run its course.

I collected about 6 letters from shops and met with 2 other friends and headed to 144 Morison Street to hand in our contributions. After a brief photo opportunity we handed over our gathered submissions.


Lord smith himself walked by looking very serious, he was followed by small entourage. One member of the entourage assumed that we might be up to no good. Once assured we were just playing an active role in the commissions process he went back to his entourage’ing.

I now wait to hear how many public submissions were actually received.

I’m going to make a prediction that it was over 20,000

(Update the commission received 14,000 submissions)

About 150,000 people have responded to the European Commission’s online consultation on the controversial investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) clause in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

To put that in context. That about 0.2% of the EU citizens that submitted their views. If we get over 20,000 that represents about 0.4% of the Scottish population participated in the process. Its hard to qualify how to feel about that number. Maybe we will see a significantly higher number?
I hope so.

Maintaining the public engagement in our country’s future is everyone’s choice. I hope we as a country continue to use our voices with positive and courageous spirit. Our future is our responsibility. Cherish the knowledge that your voice grows in stature as you find the courage to use it. Or neglect that responsibility and condemn our future to the whims of the elite.


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